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About Us

who we are

We are a team of winners who have professional experience in different areas such as Construction of buildings and Roads ,supplies of stationery materials, supplies of Agricultural tools and seeds, supplies of all types of food stuff, Transportation services and logistics, Office furniture supply, Electronic appliances supply, House holds supply.


has gained tremendous experience in providing services and products for clients. Taking into account the needs of our clients.

The shift to lifelong learning is absolutely essential.This is why our staffs are capable of interacting and coordinating with clients from the conception stage to the final delivery of the goods. We also have a competitive advantage over other companies in South Sudan, due to a wide range of services and products at reasonable prices.

  • Construction and Building
  • Logistics and Supply Chain.
  • Security System.
  • Broadcasting Technology.
  • ICT Equipments and Information Technology.
  • Agricultural services.
  • Mining Services.
  • Winners Airline.
  • Music school.


To be a professionally managed, profitable self-sustaining and socially responsible enterprise providing customer tailored products, services and project management solution.


To be a leader in supplies of goods and Construction services To gain confidence & trust of our valued clients by conducting business with complete honesty and integrity.

Our values



People are our most important asset. Our mines are built and operated by our employees and it is our highest priority to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for them. We are constantly searching for new and innovative methods to ensure the safety of our employees. We can proudly say that the level of accidents and injuries is very low in the company compared to the rest of the sector.


We are committed to providing a positive working environment free of discrimination and harassment in all of our activities. We act and treat each other with dignity and respect. We believe that employees who are treated with respect have a higher level of professional performance. All of our employees are given equal opportunities for career development. We reward and encourage teamwork, creativity and innovation.

Environment and the Community


We are actively engaged in the local communities in the areas in which we operate by, among other things, by supporting and contributing to education and infrastructure and by prioritizing the local population when employing staff.


Environmental responsibility is a central issue in a company with operations involving environmental risks. The majority of the Company’s activities are carried out in areas which are sensitive to the impact of mining operations. Auriant understands that there are people living close to our operations and, therefore, seeks to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment by focusing on adopting innovative technologies, continuously optimizing resource utilization and decreasing waste.

Integrity and Corporate Governance

Winners’ success is dependent on trust and support from all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors, Government, and local communities, which is why we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and sustainability. We have zero tolerance for corruption and aim to have the maximum level of transparency in our dealing with Government authorities, defending our interests in court when necessary. We genuinely believe that good corporate governance adds shareholder value and, therefore, the majority of our Board is composed of non-executive, independent directors with extensive experience in mining and in running public companies. Going forward, we intend to further strengthen our corporate governance in order to deliver maximum shareholder value.


The growth and sustainability of the Company will rely on:

1) in the short term, a focus on reducing costs and increasing production of our existing assets to full capacity;

2) in the medium term, continuing exploration at our existing properties to expand resources, extend mine lives, and construct and place new mines into production; and

3) in the medium to long term position Auriant as a consolidation vehicle for Russian gold assets.


Our Special Service

To achieve our mission we offer the following services to our clients with excellent customer care among others. For more Information, click here to read more.

Agricultural Material

Agricultural materials and products plus tools that can be used for digging and the some time used for irrigation within the premises and other tools that can be used for carrying manure in the garden is available and can be support to other farms inorder to boost the agricultural sector.

Supply Audio Equipment and Building Studio Room/Audio

High quality Sound system equipment is the essential of every community event that takes place. This is where we come in, we provide you with high quality sound system equipment with professional Sound Engineer at your disposal.

Minining Processes

Our long term goal is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient medium sized gold producer. In a low gold price environment, we will achieve this through creating value for our shareholders by minimizing risks related to exploration, mining, and processing of our mineral resources and increasing efficiency. Our primary focus is on gold production in Russia but we may diversify into other minerals and countries over time..

Helping Small Businesses just like yours

We are commited into raising your business from zero to hero. We have the best thoughts for your businesses, ranging from small business to large or enterprise business. Our supplies are on time for your business not to lose value.

Check Our Services For more details.

Best Team

List Of Our Professional Teams Who are customer friendly, serve with passion and great humulity.

Emmanuel Philip

Chief Executive Officer

Winners is the reality of the vision of Emmanuel.

Regina Augustino Fataki

Managing Director

Francis Peter

HR Officer

Over 12 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance for your business.